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After months of secrecy, we are pleased to confirm that The Amy Lane Mysteries has found a new home with publisher Crime Scene Books. This British small press is growing its list of authors and Rosie is delighted to be continuing Amy and Jason’s adventures with them.

Captcha Thief, the third novel in the series, will be released in print and ebook on 4th February 2016. The fourth book Terror 404 is due for publication later in 2016.

Rosie signed the deal at Harrogate’s Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival and toasted it with a brimming glass of Crime of Passion!

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Where is Amy Lane? Updates on #3

Good news or bad news?

So, the bad news is that there will be no new Amy Lane book in July. Rest assured – the book is complete and edited and residing in a safe place.

The good news is that something exciting is happening for the Amy Lane series – but we can’t tell you about it yet. Hey, this is a mystery series, remember? You signed up for the mysterious!

Fingers crossed, we may have news by Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival (if you see Rosie, say hi!) and Jason’s birthday on 19th July.

Binary Witness: One Year On


Yesterday, I turned 28 in Cairo. Today, Binary Witness is one year old!

Yes, it is one year ago to the day that the first book in The Amy Lane Mysteries was published. The result of a Twitter pitch that led to a book deal, Binary Witness introduced readers to Amy Lane, Jason Carr and the criminals of Cardiff, Wales.

Alas, I am currently in Egypt with little access to the internet. Therefore, to celebrate one year of The Amy Lane Mysteries, I have enlisted the help of Lucy V Hay – author, producer, script reader and many other talented things. And I need your help too.

Using the hashtag #1AmyLane, tell your friends why you love The Amy Lane Mysteries. Is it the thrill of a cyber crime chase? Is it the dark side of that wonderful city, Cardff? Is it how Jason just can’t catch a break?

One lucky reader who uses #1AmyLane will win:
– One ebook copy of Binary Witness
– One ebook copy of Code Runner
– A set of fun Cardiff-themed postcards
– AND a character named after you in Captcha Thief, Book 3 of The Amy Lane Mysteries

Lucy will pick the winner on 6th May and I will get in touch on my return to the UK.

Thank you for sharing this incredible year with me and I hope you join me for future years together with Amy and Jason.

Amy Lane #3: Captcha Thief

I am delighted to announce a new book in The Amy Lane Mysteries!

Captcha Thief, the third full-length novel in The Amy Lane Mysteries, will be available to buy from all good ebook stores on 20th July 2015.

I would like to apologise for the delay in making this announcement. The main reason for this is that Carina Press and I have parted ways, and I will be self-publishing The Amy Lane Mysteries in the future. To maintain consistency and high editorial quality, I have retained the fantastic Deb Nemeth to edit the series. I am committed to The Amy Lane Mysteries and Book 4 is planned for release in early 2016.

Thank you for your ongoing support and expressing your love for the series. I look forward to you joining me for the next chapter in Amy and Jason’s crime-fighting adventure!

Car Hacker – out today!

If you’re in Amy Lane withdrawal, I have the perfect antidote: Car Hacker!

Book #2.5 in The Amy Lane Mysteries

Bored of being stuck at home while Amy recovers, Jason leaps at the chance to investigate a carjacking at his mate Dylan’s garage. Little does he know that the “mystery” has been entirely concocted by Amy, eager to remove him from the house to prepare for a surprise birthday dinner. However, Jason is always a trouble magnet and, when he stumbles upon a real carjacking gang, Amy, Bryn and Cerys must once more get him out of hot water – and home in time for tea.

Car Hacker is an 11,000-word short story set after Code Runner, so there are references to events in Book 2. It is exclusively available to subscribers of The Amy Lane Mysteries newsletter, delivered to inboxes this morning.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

Amy’s leg had been in plaster for thirty-three days and Jason had felt every one of them.

For the first two weeks without AEON, he’d thought nothing could be worse than a grumpy Amy Lane bereft of her computer and nursing a low pain threshold. But after the murder charge was dropped and his leg untagged, Jason found her growing exponentially worse, despite AEON’s safe return. He could only conclude that she’d been going easy on him out of pity.

In the eight months he’d been working for her, Jason had transformed her apartment into a cleaner’s pride and joy. He had scrubbed, dusted and decluttered with enthusiasm, and Amy hadn’t taken a blind bit of notice. He shopped and cooked and fed her, and she vaguely acknowledged his presence from time to time. It was all worth it, though, because Amy shared with him her passion for tackling crime and occasionally he got to run around and play hero.

Except they were on hiatus, because Amy said the painkillers didn’t allow her to concentrate and Jason wasn’t allowed to solve mysteries by himself. He could have made half a dozen comments about how her concentration was just fine where World of Warcraft was concerned, but he was growing as a person.

So, he was stuck at home, fetching and carrying for Amy at all hours, and awkwardly lifting her over the lip of the bathtub in nothing but a towel so she could take a shower. After which he definitely needed a shower. A cold one.

Being in such close proximity to Amy with nothing to distract him was hell itself. He needed to get out and do something other than fuss over her while she sniped at him. He wanted to go out for a drink with his mates, let loose at a club, and get laid. Was that too much to ask?

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Binary Witness on WHSmith’s Movies Most Wanted


I was surprised and thrilled to learn that Binary Witness had been voted #10 on WHSmith’s Crime Books We Want to See on The Big Screen. One of the most frequent review comments I see is how readers can picture Amy, Jason and Cardiff as a visual drama, and I would love to see our dynamic duo on the big or small screen.


The first book in the Amy Lane mysteries series, Rosie Claverton offers us a truly unconventional crime fighting duo with agoraphobic Amy and ex-con Jason. Amy has inherited more money than she can spend and so now spends her time helping the police using her IT skills. She monitors online leads, digital footprints and even taps into Cardiff’s CCTV cameras to track criminals, but when she’s asked to help catch a serial killer, Amy realises she can’t do everything behind a computer screen. Cue the reluctant involvement of ex-convict Jason who has recently taken on a job as Amy’s cleaner, and also cue a fantastic flawed but brilliant partnership. The role of the digital word in catching criminals gives this book a new and exciting edge and if the casting is right then we think Amy and Jason would make incredible on-screen partners.

To see the excellent company Binary Witness is in on this list, check out the full post on WHSmith’s blog.

Amy Lane #2.5 – Car Hacker

Things have been quiet on the Amy Lane front recently. I have been working on a new non-Amy project – a period fantasy mystery, no less – but I have not forgotten my little Cardiff detective posse.

While Book #3 is in the works, I will satisfy your cravings with a short story that takes place between Code Runner and Book #3. It will be out in February 2015 and will be exclusively available to those loyal supporters who have signed up to The Amy Lane Mysteries newsletter.

Want to know more? Here’s the blurb:

In Car Hacker, Jason is investigating a mysterious carjacking at his mate Dylan’s garage. Little does he know that the “mystery” has been entirely concocted by Amy, eager to remove him from the house to prepare for a surprise birthday dinner. However, Jason is always a trouble magnet and, when he stumbles upon a real carjacking gang, Amy and Bryn must once more get him out of hot water – and home in time for tea.

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Update: Amy Lane Book #3

Thank you for all your support during the Code Runner launch over the past two weeks. And the questions I’m hearing most often are, naturally, about Book #3.

So, what’s happening with Book #3?
The good news is that I’m working on the novel right now and the end is in sight. The bad news is that I don’t have a date for you.

Why no date?
To get technical, I wrote Binary Witness and Code Runner under a two-book contract for Carina Press. Therefore, any further books in the series need to go through acquisitions, contracts, etc. before we can talk dates.

What’s the hold up?
I had hoped to have Book #3 locked down by now but I got a little distracted by my day job. The upside is that I am now a fully-qualified psychiatrist but the downside is my book schedule went a little wonky!

At least tell us what the book’s about!
Book #3 sees Amy and Jason investigating the theft of a priceless Impressionist painting from the National Museum of Wales, coupled with the tragic death of the security guard. Amy’s supremely confident in her ability to solve this case – after all, the South Wales police find her invaluable. But when a cool, alluring agent from the National Crime Agency commandeers the case, Amy may lose control of her investigation and the loyalty of her assistant, Jason.

I can’t take the waiting!
I’m also working on a short story featuring Amy and Jason, set between Code Runner and Book #3, which should be out at the beginning of the 2015.

Where will I find out first about Book #3?
For all news and updates on The Amy Lane Mysteries, you can join the mailing list here:

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You can also look for news on The Amy Lane Mysteries Facebook Page or on Twitter.

Thank you again for reading, reviewing and recommending The Amy Lane Mysteries and I hope to have firm news about Book #3 soon.

Jason and Amy’s Map of Cardiff

If you’re not a Welsh native, you’ve probably reading Binary Witness and Code Runner without knowing your Splott from your Gabalfa and having next-to-no clue what the Millennium Stadium looks like.

Fear not! Jason and Amy will introduce you to the ins and outs of Cardiff life without you ever leaving your house – Amy, after all, is an expert in international travel from her computer.


Jason and Amy’s Map of Cardiff

Do you have a question about Cardiff? Please let me know in the comments!

Code Runner, sequel to Binary Witness, is out now! You can buy it from any reputable ebook retailer, including the following:

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