New publication date for Terror 404

Due to unavoidable publication delays, the fourth book in The Amy Lane Mysteries, Terror 404, will now be released on June 8th 2017.

The cover for Terror 404 will be revealed soon, and we will keep you updated on the exciting events around the launch date. Watch this space for a sneak peek at the first three chapters of Amy and Jason’s next case.

baby-selfie In other news…

Rosie is proud to announce the birth of her baby daughter, Faith, who arrived in January.

She is already learning the art of crime-fighting at her mother’s knee and watching Murder, She Wrote with her father. She is also insatiably curious and has a mean left hook. We anticipate a highly successful series called Faith Investigates!

Terror 404 release date

Thank you for your patience in waiting for updates on The Amy Lane Mysteries.

We can now confirm that Terror 404 will be released on 6th April 2017.

We also have some very exciting news about the series that isn’t quite ready to share yet, but we will keep you all posted in the build-up to the release of Terror 404.

What’s Rosie doing? books-bump
Since the release of Captcha Thief in February, Rosie has been working on the edits for Terror 404 and the first draft of a fifth Amy Lane novel.

She also moved house and gained a long commute to her day job, so her time for writing, social media and blog updates has become very limited.

Her schedule is about to become even more interesting, as she’s expecting her first child in January 2017!

Captcha Thief Blog Tour

Rosie has been blog touring with Captcha Thief, spilling all her secrets about the third Amy Lane Mysteries novel!

Here are some of the tour highlights:

Want to know more about Captcha Thief’s creepy cover? Look no further than Book Cover Junkie.

Rosie shares her publication journey at Book Publishing Secrets.

With As The Page Turns, Rosie talks tea and hedgehogs, imposter syndrome, handling reviews, and self-discovery through writing.

“5 Research Gems from Captcha Thief” – including including the secrets of paintings, sand and smugglers’ delights – at The Writer’s Life.

At The Dark Phantom Review, Rosie chats about screenwriting v novels, patience as a writing virtue, and how Cardiff is the third protagonist.

“How do you keep your narrative exciting?”
“I hurt Jason a lot”.
(Is anyone surprised?)
Interview at Blogcritics.

For Omnimystery News, Rosie talked about her dynamic duo, characters over time, pen names and Enid Blyton.

Rosie explored Captcha Thief with The Story Behind Your Book, including Rosie’s connection to the National Museum of Wales, her fascination with Rossetti and Siddal, and why Gogledd Cymru is a whole different world.

And last, but by no means least, readers can enter Amy’s world as the hacker herself is interviewed at Beyond The Books.

Captcha Thief: The Comic

comic-preview Thank you all for supporting the launch of Captcha Thief. The winners of the giveaway will all be contacted soon about their prizes!

If you have already read and enjoyed the book, your comments and reviews are always appreciated. Tell your friends, tell your bookstores, tell your libraries – readers are an author’s most powerful ally in making sure books reach more readers who will love them.

To celebrate Captcha Thief, the exquisitely talented artist Melissa Trender has imagined the first chapter of the third Amy Lane novel as a comic book. We will be giving away some print copies of this gorgeous piece of art, so keep your eyes peeled for giveaways.


Captcha Thief Release Day!

Happy book birthday to Captcha Thief, book three of The Amy Lane Mysteries!

To celebrate, we are running a giveaway for release day, with excellent prizes – a signed copy of the novel, a mounted print of Renoir’s La Parisienne, an exciting as-yet-unrevealed comic based on the novel, and La Parisienne postcards!

Enter below by completing the various options, including using the hashtag #CaptchaThief on social media to share your thoughts on the book.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The online release day party kicks off on Facebook at 4pm GMT, with an after-party on Twitter from 8pm GMT. We look forward to seeing you there!

Agoraphobic hacker Amy Lane is recovering from her last case when her ex-con assistant Jason Carr finds a new crime to solve – a murdered security guard at the National Museum of Wales and a stolen Impressionist painting worth millions.

Ice-cold National Crime Agency investigator Frieda Haas is on the trail of the missing painting and charms Jason into following her to North Wales. He abandons Amy for new thrills, driving her to desperate measures to keep her panic under control and to stay on the track of the killer.

Nothing in this case is what it seems and Amy’s investigation takes her and Jason down a dangerous path – playing games with a murderer.

Crime Scene Books | Amazon | Hive | Kobo | Waterstones | WHSmith

Captcha Thief: exclusive first look!

captcha-thief-three-chapters With only two weeks until Captcha Thief is released, we have a special treat in store for dedicated Amy Lane fans.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you will receive the first three chapters of the third Amy Lane Mysteries novel in your inbox today!

It’s not too late to join. All new members will also receive this exclusive preview when they sign up.

Keep your eyes peeled for other exciting opportunities as we get nearer to launch day!

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Captcha Thief Publication Delayed

CSB header purple

Captcha Thief new publication date
29th February 2016

Due to technical circumstances beyond our control, we are very sorry to announce that the publication of the eagerly-awaited third Amy Lane mystery, Captcha Thief, has been delayed.

Captcha Thief by Rosie Claverton will now be available, in ebook and paperback formats, from 29th February 2016.

Available to pre-order now from Crime Scene Books, direct from the author’s website, Amazon and wherever good books are sold.

Car Hacker – available on Smashwords for FREE!

Car Hacker, Book #2.5 in The Amy Lane Mysteries, is now available to download from Smashwords for the grand price of FREE!

Previously exclusive to mailing list subscribers, this 11,000-word short story is now available to all fans of Amy and Jason on the Smashwords website. Distribution to other retailers (e.g. Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.) is currently pending, so keep your eye on the stores. The story will also be available from Amazon.

Let me tell you more:

Bored of being stuck at home while his boss and hacker sleuth Amy Lane recovers from their latest investigation, ex-con Jason Carr leaps at the chance to investigate a carjacking at his mate Dylan’s garage. Little does he know that the “mystery” has been entirely concocted by Amy, eager to remove him from the house to prepare for a surprise birthday dinner. However, Jason is always a trouble magnet and, when he stumbles upon a real carjacking gang, Amy needs their friends’ assistance to once more get him out of hot water – and home in time for tea.

You can also add Car Hacker to Goodreads to share your thoughts with other Amy Lane enthusiasts.

Captcha Thief Cover Reveal

The cover for Captcha Thief, Book 3 in The Amy Lane Mysteries, was revealed at Rebecca Bradley’s crime blog, alongside an exclusive interview on how the Captcha Thief cover came into being.

What do you think?

Captcha Thief Cover

Agoraphobic hacker Amy Lane and her sidekick ex-con Jason Carr are caught in a tortuous and increasingly dangerous adventure as Amy seeks to help track an art thief and Jason seeks to impress the National Crime Agency investigator Frieda Haas sent to recover the missing painting – and its abductor.

As the evidence leads Amy and the police in circles, Jason finds himself taking more and more risks in his hunt for the thief. Nothing is as it seems. Are Amy and Jason merely playthings for a vicious murderer? Can they survive the game?

Captcha Thief will be released on 4th February 2016 in paperback and ebook from Crime Scene Books..

You can order the paperback direct from the source at Crime Scene Books – and check out the work of my fellow authors!

The winners of the Captcha Thief cover reveal giveaway will be announced later this week.