Goodreads Giveaway for Terror 404

To celebrate the launch of Terror 404 and spread the word about The Amy Lane Mysteries, Crime Scene Books is running a giveaway on Goodreads. Share the giveaway widely to introduce more readers to Amy and Jason’s adventures To win one of twenty signed copies of Terror 404, please enter the giveaway at the link […]

NEWS: Terror 404 release

Terror 404 was released today, but due to an Amazon stock issue, it is not widely available. Please order your copy from Waterstones or your local independent bookshop. We will celebrate the book properly when these problems are resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Previously on The Amy Lane Mysteries…

With Terror 404‘s launch date fast approaching, here’s a little reminder of what’s happened in the series so far… Way back in the depths of 2013 – during the rule of the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition, in the time of the iPhone 5 – Jason Carr was released from prison after serving time for car theft. […]

New publication date for Terror 404

Due to unavoidable publication delays, the fourth book in The Amy Lane Mysteries, Terror 404, will now be released on June 8th 2017. The cover for Terror 404 will be revealed soon, and we will keep you updated on the exciting events around the launch date. Watch this space for a sneak peek at the […]

Jason and Amy’s Map of Cardiff

If you’re not a Welsh native, you’ve probably reading Binary Witness and Code Runner without knowing your Splott from your Gabalfa and having next-to-no clue what the Millennium Stadium looks like. Fear not! Jason and Amy will introduce you to the ins and outs of Cardiff life without you ever leaving your house – Amy, […]

“Amy’s Angst” – Code Runner playlist

Check out this Code Runner playlist, which I call “Amy’s Angst”. I used Amy’s Angst during the drafting and editing of Code Runner. For Binary Witness, I had a playlist called “Jason’s Garage”, which had A LOT of classic rock and (of course) Bon Jovi. Amy’s tastes run more to the emo/screamo alternative scene, but […]

Binary Witness: The Caffeinated Drinking Game

Thank you everyone for your support for the Code Runner launch yesterday – your tweeting, reviewing and reading was much appreciated. And now for something completely different! Introducing… Binary Witness: The Caffeinated Drinking Game! In Binary Witness, first book in The Amy Lane Mysteries, the characters consume 33 cups of tea and 9 cups of […]

Code Runner launch celebrations!

Code Runner launches today! You can own a copy of Code Runner by visiting any reputable ebook retailer. Here are some options to get you started: Carina Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo To celebrate the second book in The Amy Lane Mysteries, there are a few […]

Code Runner book trailer!

Code Runner launches in just four weeks! In the second instalment of The Amy Lane Mysteries, streetwise ex-con Jason Carr is framed for murder and agoraphobic hacker Amy Lane must clear his name before he is hunted down by vengeful gangs, the police and the mastermind behind it all. Check out the book trailer for […]